Monday, July 27, 2015

Shelter Loves (a rare Monday edition)

HELLO, HELLO. I am back! I ended up getting struck down by that damn stomach bug on Thursday. So I honestly could barely get out of bed on Friday. What's worse than "that" bug? I say not much! It's been kicking my butt since I was a kid......

Here is what is making me happy today!! Cheers to a fabulous week. I could certainly use one, how about you!?

1. Have I mentioned I live for the beach? Pretty much everything about it is my therapy. The water warms up here in August, so I am looking forward to going swimming. (this is not me ;)
2. And this suit?? Kiini is the label and Ipek Irgit is the designer.
3/5  Lee Kleinhelter does it again!! Her new amazing home is featured in this month's Atlanta Home's magazine. Look how fabulous her closet is!!! Wonderful job Lee! I also adore her store Pieces too. ( I wish my bedroom looked as chic as her daughters)
4.  This is pretty much a staple look for me. I would however like to know where this shirt is from. I like how the sleeves stopped the stripes 3/4 of the way up.
6. So True! (I'm gonna bold this one)
7. Isn't this a pretty little number??

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Talking rattan

  1. 1.
    the thin pliable stems of a palm, used to make furniture.
  2. 2.
    the tropical Old World climbing palm that yields rattan, with long, spiny, jointed stems.


Rattan furniture comes in an array of shapes and sizes. My parents have a rattan sofa in their basement that I plan to use on my three season porch. All it needs is a set of cushions and it will be ready to go! I love the look in a room of the natural textured palm mixed with painted pieces and a dose of color on accessories. There are both vintage and new pieces available to purchase. One of my favorite sites for vintage rattan is Circa Who. Serena and Lily introduced this beautiful sofa to their line this Summer. Find it here

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I wanted to share some bits with you today! Here's my insta-Wednesday of the week! All the details are below! xx

1. I've been working on a great job with a fabulous client for quite some time (Buckminster project - large jobs don't happen over night ;) ). Here is a little peek of the family room. It's basically done but I don't want to spoil the fun until I have it professionally photographed...(which should be happening this Fall). I'm loving the striped rug and the Danish chairs together. I had the cushions covered in a pale aqua felted wool..It's yummy. I also have another pair of pillows on the way for the sofa and a camel or grey leather chair to add to this room. We re-vamped the entire space. I don't divulge all the sources out of respect to my client.
2. This room is almost done. I have a pair of gorgeous lamps on order to place on top of this and another table. I had this rafia table custom built because I just could not find what I needed! I'm loving the texture and can't wait to style this room. The light blue octagonal table is also a custom design. Feel free to inbox me for pricing or to have a special piece designed for your home. We love custom furniture here at Shelter
3. A peek of me lounging in my new bathing suit and sun hat! Similar bathing suit here
4. I went boating with my parents and kids last evening. I love this time of year and try to soak as much of it up as possible.  This photo was taken of an area known as "the spit". It is the view my parents see from their home and I appreciate every minute I spend in that area. Being on the water is so therapeutic.
5. I finally broke down and bought Birkenstocks. I was never really into them but I kept thinking about the white ones and how practical they are plus they look really cute they with white jeans and a little tank. Purchase them here, they are comfy but need a little break in time! I am also so happy with my new crushed shell walk ways!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Pool Days.....

If I ever move from this house, my next home will have a pool! (a girl can dream)

We spent the day yesterday at Matty's parent's pool. Be it a pool or the ocean, there is nothing more refreshing than a dip in the water on a muggy, hot day. Today, is a different story than yesterday.... I am working from home with another child (poor girlie) with the stomach bug!!  I only have ac in the bedroom so I'm taking the opportunity to dream with this post! These images combine what my dream pool would look like. Aerin Lauder's entire property is of course drop dead gorgeous. I would however like some kind od tasteful surround around my "dream" pool. I hope you enjoy this escape as much as I did! Keep cool + always dream! xx

This pool house is perfection!!
I love the idea of boxwoods and comfy furniture around the pool! A blue and white scheme and stripes would also be my choice!
I love a clean lined pool with a simple surround.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Shelter Loves

I'm always pretty happy to see Friday roll around! It was a busy week and yesterday my poor son had the stomach I spent the night scouring my house. 

I've got a number of cool projects happening on the design front, so I've been focusing lots on those. Here is what caught my eye this week!!

1. I love Amber Interiors work. She beautifully transforms dated, dark and in this case a man cave to wonderful, bright and open spaces. Check out her latest inspo here. I adore this entire project. I especially was drawn to the children's bedrooms. They are perfect. I love color balanced with neutrals. This image beautifully balances both. Amber also sells amazing finds on her website here.
2. A pillow from Amber's site. Most of her pillows are made from vintage textiles. I'm a big fan of this look!
3. Nordstrom's huge anniversary sale is going on now. Don't miss out on all the goodies and pre-Fall merchandise before they sell out!! I love this bag, it's a great price!
4. Very True.
5. I adore an all white look during the summer months. The scarf adds the perfect finishing touch. (how cool is the floor?)
6. Pretty stacked bracelets are perfect everyday staples. They are also on sale!
7. I'm working with a lovely client and we've been communicating quite a bit about her window choices. The final choice made was black windows with minimal details. I can't wait to see them installed. They will look very much like these! I may personally choose different furniture for this space but isn't this kitchen fabulous? via Ann Decker Architects

Have a perfect weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Love the look!

I am taking tennis lessons this summer. I had my first lesson last night and I loved it! I've always loved playing sports but never learned to actually "play" tennis. I'm looking forward to this new venture in life. This is a sport you can enjoy for the rest of your life. 

Today I am sharing a typical tennis look, a little preppy, a little sporty. I think I need that bag and racquet!! I also paired a simple fitted athletic tank from Lulu lemon with my skirt. A tank would also complete this look.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Insta peek

For this week's insta-peek post I've shared a bit of what is happening around my nest along with a fun outing with Matty! Enjoy!

From top:

1. + 2. Emerson's bedroom is coming along nicely!! Taking a new print I purchased for her to have framed today!
3. I CAN-not spend lots of money anymore on entry rugs. I have tried in the past but they all get destroyed by the winter weather. I have a no shoe policy for my kids in the house. I think Matty is catching on. I found this durable version at Marshalls!
4. The July - August version of Veranda is beautiful. I enjoyed a nice glass of rose while reading it last Friday night! PS. I am loving my honed Carrara counter tops. A bit high maintenance but lovely nonetheless. 
5. + 6. Matt's family owns great season tickets for the Red Sox. So we headed to a game last week. (Thanks - Vinny + Eva)  I love Fenway park on a warm summer night. 

We stopped by Citizen Public house on the way home for some oysters and a drink! It was a hit! (no pun intended). The cocktails were delish and the decor was moody and comfortable.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Color me happy!

Hello Monday!! Everything seems a little brighter during the summer doesn't it??
I've decided to kick off this week on a cheery note...I thought this would keep the fun of the weekend going a bit longer. I've long been a fan of Anna Spiro's work. The Australian (Brisbane) designer has a keen sense of color and a fabulous eye. No one perfects blue and white quite like Anna.

Here's a little candy to start your day! See more of Anna's work on her site. (I miss her blog - it is one of the very first I started to follow back in 2006)

Friday, July 10, 2015

Shelter Loves...

TGIF!! You've got to love Fridays! Today I've put together some of my recent favorites!! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1. Have you guessed yet that this is my favorite time of year? I love the look of an all white dress or outfit. This pleated dress is on sale and is adorable. I have a similar one in coral!
2. These bags are fab! I need one...I love amazing European finds....The Brits along with the French do fashion SO well. Tote from Rae Feather.
3. Since my divorce I have wanted to buy myself a sweet little ring, this is a contender. As is one from Cartier.
4. I have to use this Cole and Sons wallpaper on a project. It reminds me of the work of Japanese artist Hokusai. The MFA is currently running a Hokusai exhibit. I am going to take my daughter. She studied his work in camp this week. I love the idea of introducing art and culture from around the world to my children. 
5.+ 7. My adorable friend Kristin got a new bike this week. It's a bright yellow cruiser. I've always wanted one of these retro numbers. She may have inspired me to make the splurge...I am torn between watermelon and aqua!!  I like the lines of the Nadine one but the price tag of the Schwinn.
6. Yes, please on this bathroom and tile!!
8. This makes so much sense to me lately. #celebrate diversity!!


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday blues.....

using Burma on a gorgeous glider for a nursery!
Meg Braff
buy here
Amber Lewis


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