Friday, October 31, 2014

Love the look

Happy Hallows' Eve!! (so silly, but I've wanted to say that all day). That is the beauty of having a very curious seven year old. He asks a million questions and I look up the answers with him. I thought in honor of this spooky holiday, I'd share some picks with an edge. I'm not suggesting you wear them all together but one off beat piece with an outfit is always sorta fun!

Here's my round up:

1. Loving this ring holder. I don't know about you, but I lose more rings than anything. Here is a perfect way to keep them organized.
2. The combo of fur and leather here looks perfect.
3. Who adorns anything better with skulls than Alexander McQueen did?
4. Chanel has fabulous deep colors. I love this option for the toes.
5. And the perfect leather jacket.
6. The rock stud Valentino bootie is the hottest shoe of the season.
7.  Alexander McQueen, again. (love the way this is tied, btw)
8. I adore this cuff.
9. This great Max and Chloe bracelet is on sale today!
10. This Tory version mixes hard and sweet elements.

Enjoy your night and weekend!! Be Safe! xx

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Shelter Loves....

Hello! This week my "loves" directly reflect what I've been working on......I've been accessory shopping like crazy for two jobs and also completed some great design boards for a home that we are wrapping up. Here are the details and my thoughts!

1. I'm creating some version of this image as my Thanksgiving center piece. I'm adding magnolia leaves (if I can find them), gilded details and some orange to the mix but I like the feel of the white and green together. I also have a platter that will contain it all.
2. & 3.  I put together an office design board Monday. I included a great zebra rug idea along with a beautiful vintage lamp.
4. A cure for most bad days!!
5. I'm adoring the Eduardo Garza collection for West Elm. I'm going to order this small box for a job today. It's both sweet and glamorous.
6. These boots!! A staple for almost any closet. ** And they are on sale!! I love a good sale.

*** I skipped the love knot earrings - I usually wear various stud earrings during the day(and larger earrings in the evening when out)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Thoughts on home...Thankgiving

I've decided to host Thanksgiving at my home this year, so I thought it would be fun to share my ideas through a mini-series of posts leading up to the holiday.  I'll be setting a beautiful table and will photograph the details and will share the end results with you right before Thanksgiving. I've been doing a little research, I'm going to use these images to inspire my center piece and table setting ideas. I plan to mix natural elements with china, crystal and candles. I'll be revealing my menu next week!! Enjoy!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Shelter Loves...

Friyay at last!!! I've been working from my home office all week. I haven't felt up to venturing out much with this puffy face and semi-black eye. This has however given me a chance to work on some design boards for my fabulous clients. I, I'm sure like you, tend to overbook myself on a weekly basis. 
It has been productive working only from home.....

Here is what I'm adoring today!

1. These Sorel boots. They tend to sell out, so I'm purchasing my pair early this year. I know the slush and sleet (boo) are right around the corner! The farmer's almanac is predicting a chilly, stormy winter. ;)

2. I was sad to hear of Oscar de la Renta's passing. He was truly one of America's most beloved fashion designers. His career spanned half a century. I've always admired his beautiful haute couture creations. I've read he was a wonderful mentor. One of his most recent wedding designs graced bride Amal Alamuddin Clooney this past September.

3. My post wouldn't be complete without a weekly quote.... They truly inspire me!
4. This COAT! And it's on sale at J.Crew. Code: TGIFall
5. Various colors trend in kitchen design. (some of my new favorites include shades of grey) I will however never tire of a clean, classic white kitchens. I actually just had a client's photographed last week.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Love the look.....

I'm heading to a Patriot's Game on Sunday, this is about what I will wear. I'm not an over sized game jersey sort of girl but I want to be comfy and practical. It looks like a sunny day too, so I'll be loading on the sunscreen. That's where my back story comes in: I had to have some basal cell cancer removed from my nose yesterday. It was a long procedure and I then had a plastic surgeon close it and stitch it up. I was pretty un-prepared this am for not only how swollen my face would be but the size of the enormous stitched up wound on my face! UGH.
I'm paying the price now for spending too much time in the sun as a teenager. Don't get me wrong, I'll always go to the beach, but I will NOT leave the house without at least a 30spf sunblock on my face! I don't want to be a Debbie downer but I am however offering my advice to all you beautiful people. If facial sunscreen isn't a part of your daily routine, I would highly suggest adding it asap. xx

Here are the details and sources for you to get this adorable look for yourself!

1. I would live in this DVF sweater.
2. These earrings are at the top of my holiday wish list. I love them and they are called the "Emerson" (my daughter's name) earring, so even more reason to want them.
3. Comfy jeans. These are on sale too!
4. Sunglasses, you can't go wrong with Ray Bans.
5. White chuckies. A staple in my closet.
6. White tanks - "  "
7. Sunblock!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Feminine living......thoughts on home

As I have mentioned, my goal to finish my home by the holidays.. (or almost finish it anyway). I figured I would take the advice I give to my own clients when they are feeling frazzled by their projects:  "Let's finish the room(s) that you (or we) have started so you feel as though one space is finished." This gives you both a clear sense direction and accomplishment!

My bedroom is almost finished. It only needs a few finishing touches so I have decided to wrap that up. The room will be the most feminine one in my home, besides my daughter's bedroom.

It is a fairly calming space except for a slightly graphic rug. The colors I've used so far are shades of navy, pale pink, and white. There are feminine details that I am drawn to in all of these bedrooms and I too have used a oatmeal color linen bed and fairly neutral bedding. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Cottage Love #17

As you know I'm a sucker for a pretty home. Designer Beth Blake and husband Corbin Day's Sag Harbor retreat is colorful, whimsical and an iconic Greek Revival, New England cottage. Enjoy!
Images and more info. here. Also, check out their dress line, Thread.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Shelter Loves....

Good Morning! It feels like summer this week, that's a birthday gift enough for this girl!

Here's what I'm loving, besides the balmy weather this week!

1. I went to a wedding last Saturday, though I'm divorced, I still believe in the magic and romance of weddings and true commitments. I still can't help but pin pretty flowers and wedding gowns. This bouquet is stunning!
2.  Marissa Webb is updating Banana Republic's style a bit!! P.S. Mom, I adore these gloves.
3. It really makes a difference!!
4. I have some gallery walls that need to be finished!!!! My living room is done, now onto the hallway.
5. Ahhhhh, Olivia! Do you ever look bad?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Birthday wishes......

Happy Wednesday! I've been a busy lady. I had an install yesterday, it went very well, eek!!
The client has been amazing to work with and their home is beautiful.
I designed a number of custom pieces and I was thrilled with how they turned out. One in particular is fabulous. I'll share the image of it tomorrow!

I don't usually mention my birthday on my blog, but I did want to share my b-day wish list and thoughts with you today!

Here it goes:

1. I'm always thankful for another year, yes sometimes, turning a year older hurts but I'm blessed in so many ways...I'm thankful for my health and all I have including my wonderful children, boyfriend, family and friends!
2. I'm very thankful for my clients and blog readers, without you, I wouldn't have a thriving business or blog! So merci, merci!! xx
3. I'm also thankful for my partnership with ACE hardware and the crew I work with on a daily basis!
4. I feel very fortunate to own my little house - now it's time to finish it!!!
5. And finally here is my wish list...I'll be buying a few of these goodies for myself. I'm pretty thoughtful about my purchases, for me, that has come with maturity. (a plus to growing older) If I've been pining over an item for days or even weeks, there is a pretty good chance it'll make it into my shopping cart!

1. I need a new smaller bag. I often carry a work bag to appointments and for work travel so I prefer a bag that will fit nicely inside my work tote. I like the simplicity of this Loeffler Randal choice.
2. I've always wanted a Cartier tank watch!! That option isn't in the budget right now, but I do like this version. Watch link: Shop bop, 25% off your order with the code: FAMILY25
3. I try to buy classic pieces with a little twist...I'm loving this versatile sweater. I can dress it up or down.
4. I've mentioned my love of comfy loafers. I fly around town in comfy shoes and pink is one of my favorite colors. (these are available in a number of shades)
5. I've been agonizing over what style sofa to purchase for my living room. I think I've settled on a simple, clean lined tuxedo look. I would like to cover it in either linen or velvet. This new Serena and Lily option is pretty handsome! ;)
6. I'm ordering these beauties today!! The Dior knockoff from Bauble bar. I'll live in them!

I have the privilege of sharing my birthday with my father! Happy Birthday, DAD!!! xoxoxo

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Shelter Loves.....

Wow, thirsty Thursday already? I've been working all morning on a pretty exciting project! I'll be ready for a drink tonight, fo sho.... I'm currently addicted to pumpkin ale with the cinnamon-sugar rim...Yum!

Here's what I'm eyeing this week!

1. This bracelet by Taylor and Tessier. I kinda want it for my bday! I collect bracelets...:)
2. Yes, to leopard heels.  I need a pair but I have an issue with high heels staying on my, you got it, "heel", when I walk. Do you?? I guess this pair would solve that problem!
3. I'm loving this peaceful space.
4. My boyfriend would love this quote. I'm HUGE on communication but sometimes you just have to let things go to the universe..(and not talk them to death)
5. This is going in my bathroom! - it's a sculpture by Jade Rude view more work here.
6. Is there a beauty product you can't live without? My pick would be mascara.


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