Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Talking patios

I was having a conversation the other day about patio materials. I myself need to add a patio onto the side of my house. I lean towards natural materials and love the idea of a clean fairly classic look. Here's a peek at some of my favorites and the transition pathways between!


Natural stone


This combo is beautiful



Monday, July 25, 2016

Shelter Loves....Monday edition!

I'm kicking off Monday with my loves! Have a fabulous week. This summer has been a whirl wind. We are getting lucky with some amazing weather and I am enjoying lots of beach and boating weekends with my family and friends- my first loves! Here are the deets and thoughts from last week.

1. I have a ton of costume jewelry. I store it in a similar way. I am thinking I should inch out an area similar to this to store it all! I find if I can see my jewelry I wear it more often.  I love Gen's designs, this is her home. 

2. Olivia looking perfect as usual. This dress is darling and will come in handy for my P-town trip this weekend. Purchase dress here

3. Yes! Especially the crazy days with my children. The years seem to pass so quickly even though some days drag on and on...... ;)

4. This is a perfect staple work shoe for me! Purchase at the Nordstrom sale here

5. I'm a dreamer and a thinker. I try to practice mindfulness but being a business woman I tend to think ahead and plan for the future. If I stay in my home I dream of adding on either a top floor or making it an expansive ranch...I have a pinterest folder designated to the entire design. I pinned this image today via Eddie Ross/Better Homes and Gardens. He is a master stylist!

6. This is the BEST mascara! Find a great deal here

Friday, July 22, 2016

Love the look - Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!!

Today kicks off the HUGE Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!! I love a great are some of my favorite picks!! Happy Shopping! Have a fabulous weekend! It's going to be a hottie here in Boston. xx

Moto Bootie - these are mine! ;)
Kate Spade glitter earring
White Sweater - I adore this!!
Pleated navy skirt
Leather bag
Drop Earring
Kate Spade wallet
Rag and Bone long vest - a fall staple for sure!
Beige Bootie
Bronzer - this is my favorite bronzer
Flats - damn these just sold out, but these are cute too!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day dreams....

As an interior designer I am fortunate enough to work with some pretty show stopping homes. I also spend time reading publications and online articles looking for gorgeous inspiration and architectural gems. Reed and Delphine's East Hampton home is just that, a jewel! The eleven acre property was once the child-hood home of Jackie O.  Reed and his wife, Delphine Krakoff meticulously restored this property for themselves and four children. Architect Mark Ferguson and landscape designer Perry Guillot were also played a large part in returning this historic home to it's former glory. The landscaping and architectural details are amazing. The pool house and grounds alone fascinate me never mind the gorgeous and perfectly designed interior details. I mean that sunroom?? Really? It's bananas good. I can't even fathom the price of this restoration....every detail including the mix of old + new, and modern with classic is perfection.

All images via AD.

Sun room
Pool house

Friday, July 15, 2016

Shelter Loves....

Happy Friday loves! We are having a heat wave here in New England so thoughts of frosty drinks and cool water are on my mind today! I had a very inspirational week. It's amazing how travel and helping others can open up your world and mind! I'm looking forward to helping more people and taking my children on more adventures!! Cheers to you, have a wonderful weekend. xo

1. + 2. Michelle Adams has a great sense of style. This girl friend has no fear of mixing objects, furniture and textiles in order to create knock out designs. Check our her beautiful Michigan home on One Kings Lane. Purchase the stool here!

3. My thoughts and prayers are with Nice, France and the rest of the world lately. The state of our world saddens me. I worry for my innocent children; all I can do is teach them kindness, courage and to embrace diversity! If you ever have the opportunity to travel to the South of France, I highly recommend it. It was one of my favorite trips!

4. I love buying sandals on sale for next summer! I'm snapping these up!!

5. AMEN. I have a busy brain. I am trying to bring more mindfulness and peace into my everyday life!

6. I'm on board with the bomber trend for Fall!! This jacket is on my wish list!! I would style it a zillion ways...

7.  This cool refreshing frozen bubbly lemonade is not only photographed beautifully it sounds delicious!! Photos by: Erin McGinn.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Love the look - what's in my travel bag?

I arrived home last night from a whirlwind but fabulous trip to Idaho!! The people I met, along with the Ace and DBC team were amazing. It's a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by such peaceful and helpful people especially in light of the recent news around our country! I thought I'd feature a post that takes a peek inside my travel bag! I often try to grab a healthy salad, almonds and lots of water to drink on board!

BAG: This MC Wallace bag is so functional and can be compressed and packed when not in use. It also comes in an large size that would be perfect for weekend get aways! I like that it is black and can be wiped down. We all know how travel can get messy and germy!! (is that even a word ;) )

MAKEUP BAG: I always bring my makeup on the flight. I can only imagine arriving to my final destination to find my bag and even worse all my make up lost! 

HEADPHONES + of course my iphone and usually my mac book.

A SKETCHBOOK AND PENS: Because I never know when a brilliant idea or thought may strike! Le Pen are my favorite!

LIP GLOSS: for a quick pick me up after a long flight

MULTI PURPOSE LOTION: I can't stand having parched skin. Flying is so dehydrating.

A LIGHTWEIGHT PULLOVER: I am either too cold or too hot on a plane, so I dress in layers. I always keep an extra cotton top in my bag. I am loving this brand, it is a nice alternative to Lulu Lemon.

A BOOK: I used to read all the time but since the advent of insta and social media I don't read as much before bed. I plan to start reading more and always enjoy a book on my flights. This story came highly recommended. I am ordering it today!

HAND SANITIZER: again, germs!

A ZIP AROUND WALLET: I love Chloe bags.

SHADES: Nordstrom's huge semi-annual sales begins on July 22nd. If you are a card member the sneak peek begins today!! There are lots of great deals, including these sunglasses!!




Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Hi all! I've been in Idaho for the past two days working on a very exciting project. I had the wonderful opportunity to design a bedroom for a little girl named Paige. Ace Hardware along with The Children's Miracle Network blessed me with the chance to design a magical new bedroom for a little girl who has been faced with some health challenges. I designed the room in a day and had another day to set it up....I had lots of help with the set up and I am thrilled with how it turned out. The segment will be airing later in August and I will share a full post of the room reveal and design details!
Helping others by creating beautiful and functional designs is one of the best aspects of my job!! Today I am feeling especially thankful! 

It is my first time in Idaho. The scenery is amazing......peaceful actually. The bottom shot is from the plane right before landing.

So happy you stopped by my blog today! xx

All paint used is by Clark+Kensington: the color on the walls is, Sheer Mist.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Shelter Loves.....

I've been in search of some serious inspiration lately. I also have a few trips coming up, which always gets my creative side bubbling over with fresh ideas and new perspectives. 

Here's my point of view this week: 

1. Okay this outdoor space by Jill Sharp Weeks is BANANAS good! In fact this entire home is amazing and it's, wait what?, a rental?? In all my years I have never come across a rental this gorgeous. Image via: House Beautiful

2. + 3. Shopbop is having a HUGE summer sale. Check out the great savings on these sandals and this fabulous bucket bag along with a slew of other great goods. 

4. I love peeking at Fashion week looks! Here's a relaxed outfit at the 2017 Milan Fashion Week.

5. I love this quote. Every experience good or bad holds a lesson. I hope to take my children on a few more adventures and experiences this summer.

6. I am obsessed with everything on the Twine and Twig website. I bought three of these bracelets (which I have somehow misplaced) but hope to purchase more. I want to layer them just like this!!

7. I enjoy trying new restaurants and traveling. Here's an entire camp site on my wish list!!! Yum!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I sometimes mention how wonderful the idea of simplifying life would be. I haven't found the answer on how to do this yet but I do know taking time to pause helps reinvigorate and inspire me. I also need to face the reality that I enjoy design, beautiful moments and functional objects so I will also be thinking and "doing". When I have finished one project there is always another to move onto. Kudos to the ones who have figured out how to create a less stressful life. I do however think the idea of enjoying a small cottage or in this case a house boat for one month out of the year would be freeing.

This recently self renovated house boat allowed Kyleigh Kuhn to own her own little slice of heaven on the water without the expenses of a large home.

Take a peek and read about her project here...could you live on a house boat for the summer?? Learn about Kyleigh's collaboration with artists in Afghanistan. here.


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